L'autre Sainte-Hélène - The other St. Helena

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Below is the list of the characters who have been the actors, the witnesses, or the contemporaries of Napoleon's captivity in St. Helena.

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Alexander, captain, Royal Engineers regiment

Alexandre, emperor of Russia

Alibert, Louis XVIII's physician

Andréossi, general, French emissary

Antommarchi, Napoleon's physician at Longwood
Antommarchi, François, Napoleon's physician

Archambault, Achille and Joseph, in charge of the stables at Longwood

Dr Archibald Arnott, 20th Foot
Arnott, Archibald, chief surgeon at the 20th régiment

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William Balcombe, Betsy's father
Balcombe, William, and his daughter, Betsy

Bale, ship captain

Balmain, Alexandre Antonovitch, Russian envoy at St. Helena

Baring, Alexandre, banker in London

Barnes, lieutenant, secretary of governor Middlemore

Barrow, secretary at the Admiralty

Barthélémy, Auguste Marseille, French poet

Lord Bathurst, minister in charge of Napoleon's captivity
Bathurst, Henry, British minister, in charge of the custody of Napoleon

Bathurst, Seymour, son of Lord Bathurst

Bathurst, William, son of Lord Bathurst

Dr Alexander Baxter, principal medical officer at St. Helena
Baxter, Alexander, principal medical officer at St. Helena

Berry, duc de, son of the future king Charles X

Berthollet, French chemist

Grand-Marshal Count Bertrand
Bertrand, Henri-Gratien, grand marshal, his wife Fanny, and their children Napoleon, Hortense, Henri and Arthur

Bingham, George, general in charge of the troops at St. Helena

Birnie, Richard, judge in London

Blackeney, captain, liaison officer at Longwood

Blücher, chief commander of the Prussian forces

Bonaparte, Elisa, Napoleon's sister

Bonaparte, Jerome, Napoleon's brother

Bonaparte, Joseph, Napoleon's brother

Bonaparte, Laetizia, Napoleon's mother, so-called « Madame Mère »

Bonaparte, Lucien, Napoleon's brother

Bonaparte, Pauline, princesse Borghese, Napoleon's sister

Boigne, French comtess

Boissy-d’Anglas, French emissary

Boorman, George, plumber at St. Helena
Bouges, Etienne, servant for the Bertrand household

Reverend Boys, St. Helena
Boys, reverend at St. Helena

Brulé, Joséphine, servant in Longwood

Brune, marshall of the Empire

Bunbury, Henry, under-secretary at Bathurst's office

Buonavita, Antonio, priest at Longwood

Dr Francis Burton, author of Napoleon's deathmask
Burton, Francis, medical officer at the 66th regiment

Byron, George Gordon, British poet
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Caffarelli, French comtess

Cannon, Thomas, private, and his son, James

Castlereagh, British ministry of Foreign Affairs

Chandelier, Jacques, cook at Longwood

Charner, ship captain

Chateaubriand, French writer, minister under Louis XVIII's reign

Cipriani, Francheschi, butler at Longwood

Clavering, Lady, British noblewoman, of French origin

Admiral George Cockburn, Northumberland
Cockburn, George, admiral, in charge of the Navy at St. Helena

Colonna, Simon, stewart for Madame Mere in Rome

Coquereau, Felix, priest

Corvisart, chief medical officer during the Empire

Coursot, Jacques, butler at Longwood

Creevey, Thomas, British politician

Croad, Fred, lieutenant at the 66th regiment, then at the 20th regiment

Crokat, William, captain at the 20th regiment, liaison officer at Longwood

Croker, John Wilson, secretary at the Admiralty

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Dacre, ship captain

Darling, Andrew, responsible for the warehouses at St. Helena

Darroch, Duncan, enseign at the 20th regiment

Decazes, French prime minister under Louis XVIII

Denon, Vivant, French scientist

Dessolles, minister under Louis XVIII

Dias, Eleanor, slave, servant at Longwood

Dillon, Arthur, French general, father of Fanny Bertrand

Doveton, William, member of St. Helena Council

Drouot, general during the Empire

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Elliott, John, naval secretary for admiral Plampin

Emery, French surgeon during the Elba exile

Emmett, Anthony, from the Corps of Royal Engineers

Eugène, son of Josephine de Beauharnais, adopted by Napoleon

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Fesch, cardinal, Napoleon's uncle

John Finlaison, O'Meara's pen-friend at the Admiralty
Finlaison, John, secretary at the Admiralty

Fitz-James, duc, from Fanny Bertrand's family

Flaugergues, French emissary

Fleury de Chaboulon, chambellan of the Empire

Forsyth, William, British historian, Hudson Lowe's apologist

Fouché, police minister under Napoleon, then under Louis XVIII

Foureau de Beauregard, Napoleon's physician at Elba

Fox, Charles James, British politician, from the Whigs party

François, emperor of Austria, and Napoleon's father-in-law

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Gatti, pharmacist at Elba

Gentilini, Angelo, servant at Longwood

Georges IV, king, ex prince regent during the « madness » of his father, the king Georges III

Glover, John, naval secretary for the admiral Cockburn

Gooch, Robert, physician for the Lowe family in London

Major Gideon Gorrequer, ADC to Hudson Lowe
Gorrequer, Gideon, major, acting secretary for Hudson Lowe

Gors, captain, secretary of Montchenu

Goulburn, Henry, under-secretary at Bathurst's office

General Gaspard Gourgaud
Gourgaud, Gaspard, general, first aide-de-camp of Napoleon

Graff, Guillaume, and his wife Adèle, servants at the Bertrand's

Graves, Robert, physician, Francis Burton's family

Greatly, Thomas, captain, liaison officer at the Briars

Grey, ship captain

Grimshaw, William, american historian

Guillard, Rémy-Julien, naval surgeon

Guizot, François, French ambassador in the UK

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Hall, ship captain

Hall, James, physician

Hall, Mary, maid for Bertrand's children, married Saint-Denis at St. Helena

Hamilton, ship captain

Hamilton, Lady Emma, mistress of admiral Nelson

Harrison, Charles, major

Henley, British valet for count Montholon

Dr Walter Henry, writer of Napoleon's autopsy report
Henry, Walter, surgeon at the 66th regiment

Héreau, J., previous surgeon for Madame Mere

Heyman, Bernard, secretary of grand-marshall Bertrand

Hobhouse, John Cam, Lord Broughton, British politician from the Whig party
Colonel Hodson, nicknamed "Hercules" by Napoleon
Hodson, major, St. Helena regiment, nicknames "Hercules" by Napoleon

Holland, Lord, British politician from the Whig party, and his wife, Lady Holland

Holmes, William, financial agent in London

Home, George, naval officer 

Hook, Theodore, British writer

Hortense, adoptive daughter of Napoleon, wife of Louis Bonaparte, mother of the future Napoleon III

Hotham, British admiral

Howe de Lancey, William, Lady Lowe's brother

Hugo, Victor, French writer

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Denzil Ibbetson, commissary, St. Helena
Ibbetson, Denzil, bursar

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Jackson, Basil, lieutenant, from Hudson Lowe's staff

Janisch, William, and his son, Hudson Ralph

Johnson, ship captain

Johnson, Charlotte and Susanna, Lady Lowe's daughters, from her first husband

Johnson, William, Lady Lowe's first husband, died in the war

Joinville, prince, son of king Louis-Philippe

Joséphine, Napoleon's first wife

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Keating, colonel

Keith, admiral

Kielmannsegge, German countess

Knipe, Charlotte, so-called "Rose-bud"

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La Besnardière, French emissary

Lafayette, general and French politician, hostile to the Empire

Lafitte, banker in Paris

Lallemand, general during the Empire

Lamarque, general during the Empire

Lamb, ship captain

Lambert, Robert, admiral, in charge of the Navy at St. Helena

Count Las Cases, author of "Le Mémorial de Sainte-Hélène"
Las Cases, Emmanuel de, chambellan, and his son, Emmanuel Pons

Lasteyrie, publisher in Paris

Lennox, Lady Georgina Bathurst, wife of Lord Bathurst

Lepage, Michel, cook at Longwood, and his wife, "Jeannette", assistant

Leroux, plumber

Ley or Levy, Samuel, deuxième classe au 20th regiment

Liverpool, Lord, British prime minister

Livingstone, Matthew, physician and accoucheur at St. Helena

Littlehales, E., naval lieutenant

Louis XVIII, king of France, brother of Louis XVI and of the future Charles X

Louis-Philippe, duke of Orléans, king of the French

Sir Hudson Lowe (as viewed by a French artist...)
Lowe, Hudson, « gaoler » of Napoleon, governor of St. Helena

Lowe, Lady Susan, Hudson Lowe's wife

Captain Lutyens, OO at Longwood
Lutyens, Engelbert, captain at the 20th regiment, liaison officer at Longwood

Lyster, Thomas, staff of Hudson Lowe

Lyttleton, W.H., British politician

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Maingault, Louis-Pierre, physician for Napoleon

Maitland, Frederick Lewis, captain of the Bellérophon

Malcolm, Lady Clementine, wife of admiral Malcolm, niece of admiral Keith

Malcolm, Pulteney, admiral, in charge of the Navy at St. Helena

Mansel, John, commander du 53th regiment

Louis Marchand, Napoleon's first valet
Marchand, Louis, premier valet of Napoleon

Maret, minister during the Empire

Marie-Caroline, queen of Naples

Marie-Louise, second wife of Napoleon, mother of the duke of Reichstadt, duchess of Parma
Mascagni, Paolo, professor of anatomy

Mason, miss, owner of several properties located near Longwood

James McGrigor
McGrigor, James, head of the Medical Board in London

Metcalfe, carpenter at St. Helena

Melville, Lord, British minister, head of the Admiralty

Metternich, head of the Austrian government

Middlemore, George, governor of St. Helena in 1840

Millington, Abraham, sergeant at the St. Helena Artillery

Mills, W. Nelson, naval officer

Mitchell, Charles, naval surgeon

Moncey, marshal of the Empire, governor of Les Invalides in 1840

Montchenu, French envoy at St. Helena

Countess Albine de Montholon
Montholon, Albine, and her children Napoleone, so-called « Lilli », Tristan, Charles and Josephine

Count Montholon
Montholon, Charles Tristan, general and diplomat during the Empire, husband of Albine de Vassal

Montholon, Josephine, daughter of the Montholon, presumed to be a daughter of Napoleon

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Nagle, Thomas, lieutenant at the 53th regiment

Napoleon, so-called « general Buonaparte » at St. Helena

Napoleon II, duke of Reichstadt, son of Napoleon and of Marie-Louise

Neipperg, count, in charge of the surveillance of Marie-Louise, and her lover

Nelson, British admiral 

Ney, marshal of the Empire

Nicholls, Georges, captain at the 66th regiment

Noverraz, the Swiss servant at Longwood
Noverraz, Jean-Abram, servant at Longwood

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Dr Barry O'Meara, Napoleon's personal physician
O’Meara, Barry, physician of Napoleon

Osmond, French ambassador in London

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Palmerston, British minister of Foreign Affairs

Pasquier, Etienne-Denis, minister under the reign of Louis XVIII

Philibert, ship captain

Pierron, Alexandre, butler at Longwood

Piontkowski, Polish officer
Piontkowski, Polish captain

Plampin, Robert, admiral, in charge of the Navy at St. Helena, and his companion « Lady Plampin »

Planat de la Faye
Planat de la Faye, aide-de-camp of Napoleon

Ponee, ship captain

Poppleton, captain at the 53th regiment, liaison officer at Longwood

Pozzo di Borgo, Russian envoy, Corsican, opposed to Napoleon

Pradt, de, diplomat during the Empire

Prince Régent, see Georges IV

Pujol, Louis-Joseph, naval enseign

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Sir Thomas Reade, Hudson Lowe's right-hand
Reade, Sir Thomas, right-hand man of Hudson Lowe

Reichenbach, Karl von, German chemist

Rémusat, Charles de, minister of Home Affairs under Louis-Philippe

Richards, Edward, private at the 20th regiment, servant at Longwood

Richelieu, Armand du Plessis, head of government under Louis XVI

Ricketts, Charles Milner, British politician

Rohan-Chabot, Philippe de, head of the mission of the ashes

Rotherwich, Samuel, gunner

Rousseau, Ferdinand, servant at Longwood

Russell, Henry, English aristocrat

Rutledge, George Henry, physician at the 20th regiment

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Saint-Denis, Louis-Etienne, so-called the « mameluck Ali » , servant at Longwood 

Santini, Jean-Noel, servant at Longwood

Savary, duc de Rovigo, minister under Napoleon

Saxe-Coburg, prince, Leopold, husband of princess Charlotte

Saxe-Coburg, princess Charlotte, daughter of Georges IV

Scott, Caroline, slave

Scott, Walter, British novelist

Seale, W.H., lieutenant-colonel, in charge of the militia at St. Helena

Sémonville, step-father of Montholon

Dr Thomas Shortt, PMO St. Helena
Shortt, Thomas, principal medical officer at St. Helena, with his spouse, Henrietta Young

Skelton, colonel

Somerset, governor of the Cap

Soult, marshal of the Empire, head of government under Louis-Philippe

Sowerby, ou Surby, British gardener employed at Longwood

Spencer, Lord, English aristocrat, descendant from the duke of Marlborough

Dr John Stokoe, naval surgeon, treated Napoleon in Jan. 1819
Stokoe, John, physician of Napoleon

Stürmer, Barthelemy von, Austrian envoy at St. Helena, and his wife, of French origin

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Talleyrand, minister of Napoleon, then of Louis XVIII

Tapp, private employed at the stables of Longwood

Thiers, Adolphe, head of government under Louis-Philippe

Torbet, property owner at St. Helena

Trelawney, Hamelin, colonel at the Royal Artillery regiment

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Valence, French emissary

Dr James Verling, physician at Longwood, 1818-1819
Verling, James Roch, physician at Longwood

Vernon, B. J., reverend at St. Helena

Vesey, Esther, servant at Longwood, mistress of Marchand

Vidal, Emeric Essex, naval secretary of admiral Lambert

Vignali, Angelo, priest at Longwood

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Walker, Alexander, governor of St. Helena

Ward, John, enseign au 66th regiment

Warden, William, naval surgeon

Welle, Philippe, Austrian botanist 

Wellington, duke, head of the Allied troops and winner at Waterloo

Wilde, W., in charge of the Justice at St. Helena

Wilks, colonel, governor of St. Helena, before Napoleon

Miss Laura Wilks, daughter of Governor Wilks
Wilks, Laura, daughter of governor Wilks

Wilson, Sir Robert

Wood, George Horsley, enseign at the 20th regiment
Wortham, Hale Young, lieutenant

Wrangham, property owner at St. Helena

Wynyard, Edward, military secretary of Hudson Lowe

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Younghusband, Robert, captain at the 53th regiment, and his wife, Catherine

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