L'autre Sainte-Hélène - The other St. Helena

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Some of the documents used in this book, although authored a long time ago, may still be covered under certain moral rights. I have made every effort to locate potential owners of such rights and I extend my thanks to authors and publishers who have given me the permission to quote their sources. However, it is possible that some sources have escaped my attention. If someone happens to know potential owners of a source listed here, I would be glad to know their wishes in terms of using extracts from it, and so would appreciate being made aware of them.

Bibliothèque Napoléon Bonaparte

For nearly 200 years, numerous publications and articles related to the captivity of Napoleon at St. Helena have opted to defend a theory, or a character, sometimes to the detriment of another. The approach of this work has been to compare the testimonial of various actors in the drama of St. Helena, and those of their contemporaries, in an attempt to remove a more authentic version of events. The testimonials, to the extent possible, are from manuscripts of the period, rather than the published versions, which often have only offered partial reproduction, or even biased, from the original writings.

The following list is not exhaustive.
The complete references are detailed in the book itself.

Note: some of these sources are now available on line through various publoic web sites such as Google Books, Archive.org ; links have been provided below, and will be enriched when new documents will become digitized over the time

MANUSCRIPTS L'autre Sainte-Hélène

Archives Napoléon AN 400AP
Testament de Napoléon
Napoleon's will

Journal de Sainte-Hélène de Gourgaud
Journal de Gourgaud - Sainte-Hélène

Cahiers du grand-maréchal Bertrand
Cahiers de Bertrand - Sainte-Hélène


Archives of Hudson Lowe (so-called Lowe Papers)

Private archives of Bathurst family
with the kind permission of The Rt. Hon. The Earl Bathurst

Archives of Lord Liverpool

Archives of sir Robert Wilson

Secret diary of Gideon Gorrequer
Journal secret de Gorrequer

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Sainte-Hélène - Département des Manuscrits
BOOKS IN FRENCH L'autre Sainte-Hélène
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Antommarchi, Les derniers moments de Napoléon (1819-1821), 1823.

Balmain, Le Prisonnier de Sainte-Hélène, 1897.

Bertrand, Arthur, Lettres sur l’expédition de Sainte Hélène en 1840, 1841.

Bonaparte, Joseph, Mémoires et correspondance politique et militaire du roi Joseph, 1854.

Correspondance de Joseph Bonaparte
  Letter from Joseph Bonaparte, at Point Breeze, USA

Bouges, Etienne, Souvenirs d’un témoin de Sainte-Hélène, 1976.

Candé-Montholon, François de, Journal secret d’Albine de Montholon, maîtresse de Napoléon à Sainte-Hélène, Paris, 2002.

Coquereau, Félix, Souvenirs du voyage à Sainte-Hélène, 1841.

Fleischmann, Hector, Le Roi Joseph Bonaparte, Lettres d’Exil inédites, 1912.

Gonnard, Philippe, Lettres du comte et de la comtesse de Montholon (1819-1821), 1906.

Gourgaud, Général Baron, Sainte-Hélène, Journal inédit de 1815 à 1818, Vicomte de Grouchy et Antoine Guillois, 1899.

Gourgaud, Général Baron, Journal de Sainte-Hélène, 1815-1818, préface et notes par Octave Aubry, 1944.

Gourgaud, Gaspard, Le retour de Sainte-Hélène du général Gourgaud, par Jacques Macé, 2003.

Gourgaud, Gaspard, Le Retour des Cendres de l’empereur Napoléon, 1898, 2003.

Guizot, François, Mémoires pour servir à l’histoire de mon temps, 1862.

Héreau, J., Napoléon à Sainte-Hélène, opinion d’un médecin sur la maladie de l’Empereur Napoléon etc., 1829.

Hortense, Mémoires de la Reine Hortense, 1927.

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Las Cases, Emmanuel de, Mémorial de Sainte-Hélène.

Las Cases, Emmanuel Pons Dieudonné, baron de, Journal écrit à bord de la frégate Belle-Poule, 1841.

Macé, Jacques, L’honneur retrouvé du général de Montholon, 2000.

Macé, Jacques, Le Dictionnaire historique de Sainte-Hélène, 2004

Macé, Jacques, Le général Gourgaud, 2006.

Marchand, Louis, Mémoires de Marchand, 1952-1955.

Millington, Abraham, mémorandum publié dans le Ceylon Chronicle, 1838.

Montchenu, La Captivité de Sainte-Hélène, etc, 1894.

Montholon, Récits de la Captivité de l’empereur Napoléon à Sainte-Hélène, 1847.

Napoléon, Observations on Lord Bathurst’s speech in the House of Peers on March 18, 1817, 1818.

Réponse de Napoléon à Lord Bathurst - 1817

Nicholls, Journal du capitaine George Nicholls, 1921-1922.

Noverraz, Account of the expedition of 1840

Lettre de Noverraz à Hudson Lowe - 1820
  Letter from Noverraz to Governor Hudson Lowe

Pasquier, Etienne-Denis, Mémoires du Chancelier Pasquier, 1897.

Planat, Vie de Planat de la Faye, Souvenirs, lettres et dictées, etc, 1895.

Pozzo di Borgo, Correspondance diplomatique etc, 1890.

Prokesch-Osten, Mes relations avec le Duc de Reichstadt, 1934.

Pujol, Louis-Joseph, Napoléon – De la vallée du tombeau au dôme des Invalides, etc, 1841.

Richelieu, Armand du Plessis, duc de, Lettres du duc de Richelieu au marquis d’Osmond, 1816-1818, 1939.

Rohan-Chabot, Philippe de, Les cinq cercueils de l’empereur, Souvenirs inédits etc, 1984.

Roy-Henry, Bruno, Napoléon, L’énigme de l’exhumé de Sainte-Hélène, 2003.

Saint-Denis, Louis-Etienne, Mameluck Ali, Souvenirs sur l’empereur Napoléon, 2000.

Saint-Denis, Louis-Etienne, Mameluck Ali, Journal inédit du Retour des Cendres 1840, 2003.

Stokoe, John, Napoléon prisonnier. Mémoires d’un médecin de l’empereur à Sainte-Hélène, 1900. English version With Napoleon at St. Helena (1902) from Edith Stokoe

Stürmer, Napoléon à Sainte Hélène – Rapports officiels du baron Stürmer, 1888.

Verling, Journal du docteur James-Roche Verling, 1921-1922, 1998.

Versini, Xavier , M. de Buonaparte, 1977.

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Théâtre à Sainte-Hélène - mars 1821
Play at St. Helena, march 1821:
doesn't the title sound familiar?


Abell, Recollections of the Emperor Napoleon on the island of St. Helena, 1845. Book

Alexander, Captain Charles C., Record of the exhumation of the body of Napoleon, 1912, 1987.

Arnott, Archibald, An Account of the Last Illness, Dicease and Post-Mortem Appearances of Napoleon Bonaparte, 1822. Book

Lettre du docteur Arnott - mai 1821
  Letter of Dr Arnott to his wife

Bingham, George, More light on St. Helena, 1901.

Bingham, George, Wellington’s Lieutenant – Napoleon’s Gaoler, 2004.

Bunbury, Henry, Memoir and Literary Remains, 1868. Book

Chaplin, Arnold, Thomas Shortt (Principal Medical Officer in St. Helena), etc, 1914.

Cockburn, George, Napoleon's last voyage, Extract from a diary of Rear-Admiral sir George Cockburn, 1888. Book of 1833

Creevey, Thomas, The Creevey’s Papers, 1903. Book

Croker, John Wilson, The Croker papers etc, 1884. Book

Darling, Andrew, Napoleon’s Funeral – A lost record, 1915.

Darroch, Duncan, lettre à sa mère, mai 1821, cité dans l’ouvrage de Sir Lees Knowles. Book See from page 189

Emmett, Major-General A., Extracts from the diary of Major-General A. Emmett, 1912, 1987.

Forsyth, William, History of the Captivity of Napoleon in St. Helena, 1853. Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3

Glover, J.R., Napoleon's last voyage, 1893, in Book

Henry, Walter, Events of a Military Life, 1843. Book

Livre du docteur Walter Henry

Hobhouse, John Cam, Lord Broughton, Recollections of a long life, 1909-1911.  Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3 Vol.4 Vol.5

Holland, Lord Henri Edouard, Foreign Reminiscences, 1851. Book

Home, George, Memoirs of an Aristocrat, 1837 Book

Hook, Theodore, Facts Illustrative of the Treatment of Napoleon Buonaparte at Saint Helena, 1819. Book

Jackson, Basil, A slight tribute to the memory of Sir Hudson Lowe, 1844.

Janisch, Hudson Ralph, St. Helena Records, 1885. Book

Knowles, Sir Lees, Letters of Captain Engelbert Lutyens, Feb. 1820 to Nov. 1823, 1915. Book

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Liverpool, The Life and Administration of Robert Banks, Second Earl of Liverpool, 1868. Vol.1

Lyttleton, W.H., Some account of Napoleon Bonaparte’s coming on board HMS Northumberland, 1836. Excerpts

Maitland, Frederick Lewis, Narrative of the surrender of Buonaparte and his residence on board HMS Bellerophon, 1826. Book

Malcolm, Lady, The Journal of Lady Malcolm, 1899. Book

Markham, J. David, Napoleon and Doctor Verling on St Helena, 2005.

O’Meara, Barry, An exposition of some of the transactions etc, London, 1819. Book

Lettre du docteur O'Meara à John Finlaison

The secret letters of O'Meara to Finlaison

O’Meara, Barry, A Voice from St. Helena, 1822. Vol.1 Vol.2

Richards, Alfred Bates, Wilson, Andrew, Baddeley, St Clair, A sketch of the career of Richard Burton (Al-Haj Abdullah), etc, 1886. Book

Rosebery, Lord, The Last Phase, 1900. Book

Russell, Lady Constance, Swallowfield and its Owners, Longmans, 1901. Book

Santini, Napoleon’s Appeal to the British nation on his treatment at St. Helena, 1817. Book

Scott, Walter, Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, 1827.

Walter Scott - Life of Napoleon
Walter Scott's "Life of Napoleon"

Seaton, Robert Cooper, Sir Hudson Lowe and Napoleon, 1898.

Shorter, Clement, Napoleon in his own defence, 1910. Book

Stanhope, Earl, Notes of Conversations with the Duke of Wellington 1831-1851, 1888. Book 

Vernon, B.J., Early recollections of Jamaica, etc, 1848. Book

Warden, William, Letters written on board H.M.S. the Northumberland and at St Helena […],1816. Book

Watson, George L. de St. M., A Polish exile etc, 1912. Book

Wellington, The dispatches of the Duke of Wellington, 1799-1815, 1838. Book

Younghusband, S.A.C., Mrs, Letters from St. Helena, 1947.

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IN FRENCH L'autre Sainte-Hélène

Carnet de la Sabretache


Journal des débats politiques et littéraires


L’Intermédiaire des Chercheurs et des Curieux

La Semaine Littéraire

Le Correspondant

Médecine Armées

Nouvelle Revue Rétrospective

Revue Bleue

Revue de l’Institut Napoléon

Revue de Paris

Revue des Deux Mondes

Revue des Etudes Napoléoniennes

Revue du Souvenir Napoléonien

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Blackwood’s Magazine

British Medical Journal Archives

Ceylon Chronicle

Cornhill Magazine

Journal of American Medical Association Archives

Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London

London Gazette

London Medical Magazine

Morning Chronicle


Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography

The Albion

Tribut de Jackson à Hudson Lowe - Albion 1844
Tribute of Basil Jackson to Hudson Lowe

The Century

The Times Archives

Mort de Napoléon par Mrs Ward - Times 1853
Mrs Ward's testimonial in The Times, 1853

The Times Literary Supplement

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