L'autre Sainte-Hélène - The other St. Helena

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The book is divided by periods of captivity, each corresponding to the role of a particular doctor with Napoleon.
The topics mentioned below in each section give a partial list of those covered in the book.


Maingault - A ticket to America - July 1815
      Defections and betrayals - Rochefort - Return of the Bourbons
Perfidy of Maitland - Bellerophon - Farewell

Napoléon - Les adieux à Rochefort
Farewell at Rochefort

Napoléon se rend au Bellérophon
  15 July 1815 - Napoleon goes on the Bellerophon

Napoléon sur le Bellérophon
On board the Bellerophon

Warden - The road to exile - August-September 1815
      Northumberland - En route to St. Helena - The Lettres of Warden

Napoléon à Plymouth
  Off Plymouth

Arrivée de Napoléon à Sainte-Hélène
  Arrival at St. Helena

O'Meara - Physician of the Empereur - October 1815 - May 1816
      The BriarsFirst rivalries, first complaints - Letters to Finlaison
            Longwood - Piontkowski - Hudson Lowe - Restrictions - Declarations

Les Briars à Sainte-Hélène
The Briars, home of the Balcombe family

O'Meara - Agent of the Governor - June-December 1816
      Taunts of the doctor - Malcolm - The foreign commissioners - The Welle case
      Longwood budget - Letter of Remonstrance
Sending away the servants and Piontkowski - The arrest of Las Cases
Napoléon à Longwood dictant à Las Cases
Napoleon dictating his memoirs to Las Cases

O'Meara - Go it alone - January-October 1817
      Albine de Montholon - The Cossack of Brienne - Disgrace of Gourgaud
      The bust of the king of Rome - Showdown between O'Meara and Hudson Lowe
      Lady Plampin - Speech ofBathurst - Observations

Napoléon prisonnier à Ste Hélène
  Prisonner at St. Helena

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Baxter - The "false reports" - November1817 - July1818
      Deteriorating of Napoleon's healthBreaking point between O'Meara and Lowe
      Departure of Gourgaud - Death of Cipriani - The "revelations" of Gourgaud
      The "false reports" of Baxter - Expelling O'Meara

Verling - Medical attendance - August-December 1818
      Gourgaud in London - Richelieu - The revanche of O'Meara
Nicholls' Diary - Boys' affair - Holmes' affair
  The "ghastly" Napoleon - Low spirits at Longwood

Stokoe - The unusual "patient" - January 1819
      Nocturnal seizures - Trap against Stokoe - Complicity of admiral Plampin
      Cross-examination from Baxter - Resignation of Stokoe

Foureau - A doctor named desire - February-September 1819
      The choices of Cardinal Fesch - Resignation of Baxter - The beau Jackson
Ricketts' visit to Napoleon - Departure of Montholon's
     Longwood Gardens - Trial of Stokoe - Suspicious fires

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Antommarchi - Tourist at Longwood - October 1819 - October 1820
      New companions for the exile - Influence of the Priests
      Easing the restrictions - Fire Exercises - Entente cordiale
Letter to Liverpool - Visit to Doveton's

Antommarchi - Doctor in spite of himself - November 1820 - March 1821
      The pains of Napoleon - Antommarchi's absences
      Shortt's medical opinion - Resignation of Antommarchi - Prelude to the death

Arnott - The last 40 days - April-May 1821
      Diagnosis from Arnott - Dismissal of Antommarchi - Resignation of Lutyens
Napoleon's will - The "coffee grounds" - Adverse
      Death of Napoleon
Mort de Napoléon à Longwood
5 May 1821 - Death of Napoleon at Longwood

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Shortt - One autopsy and many reports - May 1821

      Autopsy of Napoleon - English official report - Report from Reade
controversy - Arnott's book - Henry's report
Antommarchi's report - Critical notes from Rutledge

Rutledge - Coffining and funerals - May 1821
      Last tributes - Darroch's letter - Darling's memorandum
Millington's report - The coffins - Rutledge's report
What Napoleon died of?

Burton - The Affair of the Mask -  Years 1821-1830
      The death mask - Returns to Europe - Burton's lawsuit
Lowe's charges against O'Meara - Antommarchi's setbacks
The work of Walter Scott - Rebuttal from Gourgaud

Guillard - The return of Napoleon's ashes -  Years 1830-1840
   The July Monarchy - Death of Napoleon II - The sword of Austerlitz
Fall of the Conservatives - Mission to St. Helena
Exhumation of Napoleon - Funerals in Paris

Retour des Cendres - Belle Poule
15 October 1840 - Napoleon's remains leave St. Helena


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